Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Do the 'do

I've been studying like mad a lot lately, and not for any school subjects (bad senior!), as I will soon be transitioning out of the braids I've been wearing for the last 3 years/ first 13 years of my life. My prospective style is going to look something like this:

Being African-American, hair has always been a thing for me. I hated my natural hair (pictured above) for a long time, buying into that Good Hair, Bad Hair crap. Nowadays, I realize that there are so many cool styles I can try with my natural hair without using harsh chemicals or scorching heat. Before I get a chance to try them out, I want to give props to a few of the MANY people/celebrities/bloggers that have shown me the light.

Francheska of Hey Fran Hey

At a time when I was questioning my urge to wear my natural hair, I happened upon Fran's blog on tumblr. Not only does she upload pictures of her hair, but she is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to hair care and maintenance. She knows so many different products (and the results of each one) that there is no need for me to go anywhere else when I'm looking for the right products for me.

Folake Huntoon of Style Pantry

Obviously, she's got a killer sense of style, but try to ignore that for the time being. In addition to having the most fabulous (and constantly changing) wardrobe, take a look at those curls. I sincerely hope you're swooning right now.

Zoe Badley of Qqueen of Hearts

I've been following her blog for about half a year now, and I'm always incredulous of her hair. She did some tutorials on how she does certain styles, and I can't wait to try them on my hair. No, but actually. I am literally unable to wait.

Nikki of Curly Nikki

I stumbled upon her blog late one night when I should have been doing homework (like right now), and I was highly impressed. I like how she doesn't just have tips about hair care, she actually fosters discussions about natural hair that are both insightful and thought-provoking.

Erykah Badu

You might remember my posting about this woman on my old blog. Don't worry, my feelings haven't changed. (And yes, my goal is still to grow my hair to that length!) She can wear any hairstyle with a face that gorgeous.

Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross was the reason I watch Girlfriends, and although the reasons have long since multiplied, my love for her hair remains unchanged. I made a post about her a few months ago, in fact. Wow, I'm obsessed.

Corinne Bailey Rae

Remember her hair on the cover of her self-titled debut album? It's gotten so much longer, and I love the length on her. I read an interview she did on Curly Nikki where she talked about her daily hair regimen, and I internalized every word.

Solange Knowles

For those of you on tumblr (ps: me included!), you know that Solange is all over any fashionista's and/or natural hair advocate's dashboard. Her style is amazing, but lately she's been turning heads because of her hair. I love curls on her!


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